About Me...

I grew up by the ocean in Hermosa Beach, California and now live in the mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado where after 39 years I'm almost considered a local!

Nature is the primary inspiration in my work. Most of my forms evoke something from nature's bounty. Being raised on the ocean and now being landlocked, I find myself using the sea as a huge source of ideas for me, as well as atmospheric conditions such as wind, rain, snow and fire and what we call "bluebird" weather.  

Wood as a medium also illicits some inspiration. The tactile properties of the wood are endlessly amazing to me. My parents instilled in me a love of the forest and trees at a very early age. So a lot of the feelings of respect I have for the wood and lumber that comes from it I owe to them. Each piece of wood is carefully considered for it's shape, size and proper grain orientation for the final design of the object.

In the winter, I'm a snowboard coach with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. My two sons Billy and Cody are both pro snowboarders with the club. In the summer, we like to backpack and fly fish the high country lakes both locally and in the Wind River Range in Wyoming. And I'm always tinkering with my classic car Ernie. You can see pics of Ernie in the Galleries.

I get a great deal of pleasure from creating an object that I know will last. I like to think about where the piece will go , who will own it, and how long it will endure the ravages of time, travel and small children. 

I love working with clients making custom pieces that suit their tastes and match the decor of their homes. Please contact me if you have an idea you want to bring to life. And if you're ever in my beautiful part of the world and want to see my studio, please contact me.

David carving snow rather than wood!! 

David carving snow rather than wood!!